Secure Your Web Apps Through Web Cyber Security Testing

Secure Your Web Apps Through Web Cyber Security Testing

There is been a huge increase In the amount of corporate web applications over the last few decades, because of its several benefits like simplicity, ease of accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility to get resources from any region of the world. The development of Web 2.0 that facilitates interactive data sharing has completely revolutionized the web and now it is used by the majority of the enterprises to market their services and products. Enterprises that focus on the latest trends like Web 2.0 and present programs that facilitate data sharing, integration and cooperation are seeing great quantity of success. But, the significant source of worry for them is the security of the web programs. Nowadays, web programs remain the greatest vector of business security attacks. Hackers are always exploiting new vulnerabilities via a range of new procedures and techniques to infuse malicious Trojans via sites.

The impact of attacks can prove to be huge as they may damage a company’s brand, irate customers, impose regulatory penalties and result in costly down-time of websites and applications. While attackers use many unique paths through the software, they mostly target the path of least resistance. Security of web apps can be guaranteed through a comprehensive evaluation that identifies both potential and inherent security risks which could act as entry points for hackers. Web Application Penetration Testing WAPT addresses the security vulnerabilities through comprehensive tests that find vulnerabilities the overall security threat of an application. Automated Red Teaming gives protection for information assets against hacking and unauthorized intrusions provides insight to the current security posture of the web application and assists in mitigating the costs by enhancing goodwill and the brand value.

Automated Red Teaming

Vulnerabilities in web apps may be the result of mistakes in programming language, code library, design pattern etc. Web Application Penetration Testing WAPT should be carried out in a phased manner involving data Gathering, preparation and analysis, vulnerability detection, penetration tests and attacks, and reporting. Upon collecting the data, a customized test Plan ought to be ready and identifications are conducted to ascertain any Other possible avenues a hacker may adopt to get access. A mixture of manual and Automated methods should be utilized to assess the security of software. Finally, a detailed report should be prepared including all of the findings and Suitable severity level ought to be assigned to each, while delineating the measures Necessary to replicate the vulnerability, and suggest recommendations to address them. Therefore, WAPT is an effective approach for enterprises to secure their web applications, by protecting against malicious users.

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