Start With Low-Light Plants for your Growing Aquarium

Start With Low-Light Plants for your Growing Aquarium

If you are building an aquarium in your house with live plants, you need to consider several factors before choosing the plants. The light is an essential factor in this regard. Since live plants need live to make food through photosynthesis and thrive, we have to set up artificial lights near the aquarium to help these plants. This lighting equipment might not be budget-friendly; hence you could opt for plants that grow in low light. Low light aquarium plants are ideal for beginners as it needs less care and attention.

Listed below are some of the plants that flourish in low light conditions.

The Anubias family

The Anubiasbateri and the Anubias Nana. They are lush green plants, small creeper-like plant that grows closer to the ground. The green color makes them stand out and emakes them easy to care for. They grow in any water temperature and conditions. They are root feeders and need nutrient-rich substrates to develop roots and grow.

Java Moss and Java Ferns

Java moss is a common plant in every aquarium. It grows like a smooth carpet on the aquarium floor, creating a beautiful landscape inside. It is common among aquarium enthusiasts since it is low maintenance and grows in any environment.

Java ferns are beautiful plants with long tails that suck nutrients from the water above. These are column-feeding plants that can even grow on driftwood.

Some other plants ideal for low-light aquariums are sunset Hygro, Rotula Rotundifolia, Rotula indica, and hornwort.


If you are a beginner looking to build a fantastic aquarium, then it is ideal to begin with these low-light plants. They are also low maintenance and are capable of adapting to every temperature. They are freshwater plants and are readily available and affordable.

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