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Disinfect your office setup with professional service providers

Disinfect your office setup with professional service providers

Now that we have learnt to survive with deadly viruses around us, cleaning and disinfection have become an essential part of our living. Covid-19 scenarios have made disinfection services a mandate on our facilities. disinfection for office premises is not an option anymore where a gathering is unavoidable.

How the service provider helps in disinfecting commercial spaces

Professional office disinfection services typically employ the method of disinfectant misting for the purpose. Misting is the process of spreading tiny droplets of disinfectants onto the surface areas inside the office.

 Along with misting, deep cleaning is also delivered by the service providers for an overall comprehensive disinfection process. This ensures the removal of all the germs and bacteria from your office.

Things to ask from the service provider while availing their service

  • Disinfection through the process of misting
  • Disinfection of the entire premise
  • Must employ deep cleaning as well
  • Experienced and skillful professionals
  • Must do the job with certified, hospital-grade disinfectants.

General disinfection service plans catered

The service providers usually provide several plans to suffice your requirements fit for the trade you engage in. The basic plans are,

  • Precautionary – when you don’t want to take any risk.
  • Intermediate – when there is a suspected or confirmed case aged more than 72 hours.
  • High level – when an action for containment and control is required with 72 hours of a confirmed case.
  • Contingency survey – when a confirmed case has led you to take immediate action.

The professional disinfectant service essentially abides by the approved guidelines to confirm the health and safety of the employees working inside the office premises.